i’ve had a lot of practice**

I decided to combine my last weekend ActionItems with my SML wellness challenge and knit two pattern repeats (of 8 rows each) every day for a week. I’ve been bringing the scarf along with me to work each day and have been knitting one repeat (which takes 20-30 minutes depending on who interrupts me) in the SML kitchen during lunch. It has been quite peaceful and relaxing to listen to a podcast and knit away.

I’ve had some surprising reactions to this, mostly huge shock that I am a knitter, but also shock that I’m knitting something that looks really impressively complicated. Because of this public display of ability I have spent a bit of time with Clarissfer, who is a beginning knitter, explaining how cables and lace works and how to read a pattern. I’m a little surprised at how much I enjoy the explaining part.

This evening I was delighting in how much the scarf has grown with just those few days attention – it’s now at 59cm (23.23 inches)!

very poorly lit photo and not an adequate representation of the colour

You know where this is headed, right?

Of course, I found an error. I had crossed the far left cable to the front when it should have been to the back. ACK! It is really obvious too, though the camera doesn’t pick it up so well.

more adequate representation of colour

This error is 41cm (16.14 inches) in, this means I have to either unravel those 4 cable stitches for 18cm (7 inches) and try to reproduce the cable (that’s a pretty advanced kind of repair) or unravel the entire thing back 18cm (7 inches), which would take another 4 days to re-knit.

I’ll sleep on that one!

The joys of crafts!


** my response to Clarissfer when she asked how I could fix a mistake in her knitting so easily.

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