i think I ended up with 18/25 points

One of those times when you have your head stuck in a book all evening and have not even the first thought of what to write about.

Vincenzo and I (mostly Vincenzo) have re-instituted a team fitness/wellness challenge we had running about 3 years ago at SML. Back then, we started off with three of us and eventually branched out to the whole division as more people wanted in. This go-round we started with 8 and are up to 12 in week two. 

The basic premise is that you select 5 activities and the number of times you plan to do those activity during the week. You then receive points for crossing off your items. It’s quite fun and a really interesting insight into what people are trying to improve – there’s a lot of water drinking and counting steps, but there are more interesting ones like read for x minutes each day, sign up for internet dating, say positive things about 5 people. The prize is a hideous trophy from the $2 shop which you get to keep on your desk for a week.

Bobs was really jazzed by this initiative and forwarded it to Corporate Comms who immediately wanted to take it over as branded, mandated, corporate fun. I kind of lost my shit with Bobs and had to stave off Comms participation for a while. This sort of thing only ever really works at a grass roots level, what on earth is it about reaching lofty heights that makes people completely lose touch? 

Anyway, this week I committed to doing 100 squats per day. Day 1 and already I’m aware of muscles I didn’t know were there!

4 thoughts on “i think I ended up with 18/25 points

    • Ack! How did I miss this?

      It’s very funny and terribly maddening!

      We’re ramping up for a big people and culture transformation, so I am certain there will be WAY more anecdotes of this sort.

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