canberra by iphone: part two

On Friday evening we walked the 30ish minutes to dinner at mezzalira. As noted, walking is not really a thing in Canberra, but it really should be. It is a very walkable city – well apart from the lack of pedestrian crossings.

After an excellent meal and probably way too much excellent wine, we strolled back to the hotel because it was a really spectacular evening – and we like to walk. 

bustling night scene


On Saturday morning, at Don’s behest, we visited Parliament House (first time for both of us). On the way there we took about 80 billion photos which I have yet to edit.

Once at Parliament House we basically had to strip down to get through security, but once inside we could wander about pretty freely. I very much enjoyed the artworks and the interiors were a trip – very much of their time (late 1980s) when too much pastel marble was barely enough.

I’m not a gin drinker, but this is possibly the best parliamentary souvenir I’ve ever seen:

Afterward, after another Big Walk, we lunched at akiba – as recommended by Bobs and anyresemblance – which was very good indeed. I bought fleecy-lined opaque tights/stockings which are quite possibly the best things ever. Then it was back to the hotel, where we mooched about, read books and watched football in the bar. Which to my mind is a pretty brillant Saturday afternoon activity.

Had that all-too-brief Real Life catch up with anyresemblance, where I did not get to chat about half the things I intended to, who then incredibly generously drove us to dinner at Ottoman Cuisine (as recommended by Joan). I’m going on the assumption that they were having a bad night. The food was fine, but it was very busy and the service was pretty distracted/indifferent (didn’t get water, didn’t get one of our dishes, had to wait 20 min for our table).

And more walking back to the hotel. Holy!Goodness! I love running about taking photos under cover of darkness.


On the way out we stopped by Red Hill lookout, another recommendation by anyresemblance (she knows all the things). Very spectacular expansive views – where I took another 60 billion photos and we saw a mob of kangaroos! Exciting! Much better to see than the squished ones on the side of the road on the way home.

I let Don drive home on the motorway (because it is straight and I was unlikely to feel ill and I’d had my driving turn) and we detoured home via Berrima, as suggested by anyresemblance (who [whom?] I should employ as my personal travel advisor) and grabbed a pretty decent pub lunch.

i’m getting a collection of these

We had a great break. It was Ace! to get away and we really must do it more often – we don’t have to automatically choose Melbourne as our default mini-break destination.

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