i am unaware of this perfume of which you speak

I have possibly already mentioned that I’m back to not drinking alcohol for the next little bit (again) because we’ve had a big couple of months dining out and whatnot and probably will have a big couple of weeks in Japan. Also, my mental health (and desire for productivity) prefers it when I don’t drink. And my clothes are becoming a smidge tight too, so there’s that.

I attended a function on early Wednesday evening at SML to celebrate the retirement of a beloved senior colleague – the kind with Board members, waiters and canapes. Do you think I could get a water or a drink that was not alcoholic? Well, I could get water if I went to the kitchen a grabbed it myself.

I think it is only when you (well, me) aren’t drinking that you (me) become aware of how alcohol is pretty much everywhere and how much there is an expectation that you’ll (I’ll) drink.

I’m very into reading about women and alcohol right now. Much of this excellent  post/essay/story/rant** on medium very much resonated with me. You should read it! I’ll wait.

Fave quote: Newly sober women have a lot of wonderful qualities, but lack of judginess not one of them. I can’t even begin to describe how hilarious and delightful I find wine being referred to as ethanol.

And who knew there was such a thing as cinnimon churros flavoured smirnoff? Surely this is some sort of end of civilisation trigger?


** whatever the kids are calling writing stuff on the InformationSuperhighway.p theses days.

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