not too shabby


HolyGoodness! I completed almost all of my weekend ActionItems. I’m actually quite stunned because I thought I was nowhere close – particularly after spending several hours each morning lazing about with the fam, watching athletics.

I was particularly pleased that I dragged out and rethreaded the overlocker(!) to hem Joe/Frank’s work pants. Well, I used it to finish the edge, I still hand-stitched the hem in the usual fashion. Baby steps.

I only failed to Action three items – editing photos, taking more photos (though I did take a couple)  and sorting the hardware boxes. 

Instead of those things we began a ruthless sort/declutter of the garage. This will take some time, but was very satisfying. 

And we packed away the winter coats! Obviously this will trigger some sort of lengthy Antarctic blast and we’ll be forced to drag them out again.

While in the garage I also unpacked my summer dresses, so I can pack them for Japan! 

I am very excited for this holiday!

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