2020 intentions

As a work avoidance strategy I scribbled these broad themes on the first morning back at SML. Given they seemed to be top of mind, I figure they’re good enough to be going on with as intentions for the year.

I’ve added bullets underneath each about how I might implement them. They aren’t really intended to be super-prescriptive, so I won’t beat myself up if I don’t do ALL THE THINGS!

+ improve posture
If not now, when? My posture is fairly appalling and I’m starting to have the occasional lower back twinge and other aches. I’m not entirely jazzed by the prospect of entering my twilight years all pained and hunched over. Mostly this will involve mindfulness/checking in with myself – am I sitting up? are my abs engaged?
– Strengthen core
– Sit up don’t slump
– Don’t slouch when standing / walking

+ improve health
I had a few bouts of non-serious, but fairly annoying, lingering illness in 2019, which of course had the associated negative impact on my mental health.
– Some cardio every day. At the moment this consists of 20min on the exercise bike which should be sustainable.
– Take a walk every day when conditions permit. I was reasonably successful with this for part of last year – then the smoke hit!
– Reduce meat consumption, increase vegetable intake.
– Drink more water! I am TERRIBLE at this.
– Be (slightly) more social – a mental health one.
– Don’t compare myself to others – thief of joy and all that! Another mental health one.

+ thoughtful use of tech
There are a lot better uses of my time than the infinite scroll, which truly is the devil’s work, or clicking mindless about. I’d really like to disconnect a bit more.
– Limit instagram use. It’s wonderful to keep up with people, but holygoodness it is way too easy to get sucked into the abyss.
– Just put the phone down!
– Stop reading garbage / hate-reading – unsubscribe!
– Embrace analogue. We’ve started listening to CDs, I’m reading library books, I’d like to drag out the camera again.
– Share more good online things. Despite the mountain of garbage, there is some wonderful stuff out there. If this was 2019, I would tell you to read this excellent article (Paris Review: The Crane Wife) and this delightful project (hulaseventy: 365 lists)

+ take action, don’t dither
Procrastination is my watchword, let it no longer be so.
– All those plans you have – stop thinking and start them!
– Make comments on other blogs! Avoid posts languishing in tabs for weeks/months (I currently have at least four sitting there that I meant to say nice things about)
– Perform those bigger household maintenance tasks – keep the Palace from falling to the ground and/or incurring undue and unnecessary expense.

+ exercise brain
This encompasses pretty much anything that stretches me beyond the routine
– Get back to daily Japanese
– Maybe undertake a puzzle more frequently than just at Xmas
– Stretch my reading
– Crafting – take classes, learn new things, make new things!
– Pick up that cryptic crosswords for dummies book (#2 on the 60 list)

+ be calm | be crunchy
This was my catch-all for a lot of DFH** stuff
– Don’t buy any clothes for a year (#42 on the 60 list)
– Be conscious about what I buy in general – refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle!
– Meditate every day (#21 on the 60 list)
– Attend one bushcare working bee


2883 days


** Dirty … Hippy

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