2019 not-resolutions: joe/frank

Bringing up the rear of the 2019 not-resolutions is Joe/Frank!

He wasn’t quite so laggardly as this would indicate, he actually told us his items over dinner last week and we all promptly forgot to do anything about it.

Review of 2018:

1. Aim for a “D” (distinction) average at uni (raising the bar!)
NOT ACHIEVED! No D grades, only one C (credit). At least I didn’t fail anything….

2. Lose 10kgs
NOT ACHIEVED! The end of weight-loss goals because I always want to lose weight but never do the work required to do so.
[me: no more weightloss goals permitted!]

3. Travel overseas or start planning overseas travel
NOT ACHIEVED! Hopefully the Melbourne trip will be what kicks off travel plans. One for 2020.
[me: he’s travelling to Melbourne on his own on the weekend – first solo trip ever – let me count the ways we are alternately proud and terrified]

4. Try to do at least one ‘social’ activity outside of the house per month
PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! Thank you [redacted list of various drinking activities]! Need to improve in ‘dead’ periods a bit though.

5. Look for a new job
PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! I now have access to a recruiter/employment coach. Had I got one earlier in the year I may have found real, substantial work. Oh well….

And for 2019:

1. No uni grade lower than a C (Credit)
2. Plan an overseas holiday for next year
3. Read one new book a month
4. Learn how to ride a bike
5. Cook one new recipe a month


Joe/Frank’s previous not-resolutions:


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