sorry bobs, can’t come in today, i have a medical condition

Today saw my first acquisition of the year – compression socks for the upcoming flight ($19.99).

Last time I flew – despite being laid flat in incredible luxury^^ – my lower legs, but my dodgy right ankle in particular, swelled up rather alarmingly and throbbed pretty painfully throughout the flight. I’m giving compression socks a bash in an attempt to hopefully counter this a bit and make the endeavour a little more comfortable. I probably should buy proper much-more-expensive ones if I want to do this properly, but we’ll see how these go first.

Helpful cautionary advice from the packaging:

You should consult your doctor before travelling for extended periods of time if you have any of the following conditions …
– varicose veins
– heart disease
– obesity
– cancer
– recent surgery
being middle aged or older

Wait. What?


Also purchased today: 2 pack bonds sports socks – $9.00 (I finally realised I should be wearing size 8-11 not 3-8, little wonder my socks were uncomfortably tight)
Not purchased but considered: 1 pair happy socks with love hearts – $9.00 | navy camisole (for sleeping) $24.95


^^ I must add that to the list of things to post about that happened months ago – a shower! in the plane!

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