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This time last year I blogged about my collection of candles^^ and my intention to get burning.

Like most things this one pretty much stayed an intention.

over the break i went through a bit of a phase of photographing things on the floor in a square formation

In the past year I’ve made somewhat decent progress on the woodwick, less so on any of the others. I think I’ve had that glasshouse Tahaa candle on the bottom right for around 3 years. And the ikea vanilla candle at the bottom left for 5 or more.

I have concluded that while I adore the scents, I’m not really a candle-burning kind of person. Nonetheless, I’m giving candle burning a good hard try this year. Perhaps I will resolve to light one when I’m working from home which should make the experience even more delightful.


After they’ve all been used up, it will be reed diffusers all the way! Much less fear of burning down ThePalace(OfLove).


I had a reflect and left those skincare samples** in the SML communal kitchen accompanied by a “decluttering: enjoy!” sign. Everything was gone by day’s end. Afterward I felt quite relieved that they’d gone to good (or otherwise) homes and that I didn’t have to think about them any longer.

The next step is stopping samples from entering the house!


Let’s not even get started on the collection of hotel soaps. When we pulled them from various drawers and bolt holes recently we arrived at this soap mountain.

soap mountain

These we actually do use regularly (the smell – immediately brings memories of being on holiday!), but possibly the stash has become a little out of hand. I did contain the supplies in a pretty pleasing way – here’s hoping I remember where this is when we need it.

soap mountain containment device

Though it is possibly not absolutely necessary to grab more on the next trip (in two weeks!!)


^^ golly! past me took much better photographs

** save for the pillow mists set aside for anyresemblance

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