a lot of eye cream in my future

I regularly use a couple of L’Occitane products and when I make a new purchase I’m forever being given free toiletries bags containing sample sized contents. Which … yay! free stuff! But then I end up with loads of wee bottles and tubes and sachets – most of which I never actually use.

current sample stash

Add to that the occasional Aesop purchase and other things here and there, and I have accumulated a small stash of stuff.**

Some of these things I’ve had for years – that white jar at the top right came from a spa visit in November 2015. I’ve never even cracked it open.

I’ll generally take a bunch of these with me when travelling, but despite my good intentions I rarely bust them out. One of the problems with the sachets is that, despite the seal, they eventually dry up. So often when I finally make an effort to use them they’re non-functional. That Nivea Q10 eye-cream white sachet at the top right is completely solid and will be chucked.

In 2019 my intention is to use up all of these samples – and to nicely refuse future offerings!

Sure, it would be really easy to just chuck them now – but that seems super-wasteful … earth’s precious resources and such. I need to write a post about that too!


** Two lots of pillow mist? Honestly, who uses pillow mist? (if you do, I’ll happily post it to you!)

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  1. Amanda says:

    I’ll take the pillow ,ist along with the linen!

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