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Xmas day was relatively sedate in ThePalace(OfLove).

It was just Don and I and the kitties – the offspring being in various exotic locales**.

I started the morning off with a short run around the block, then …


breakfasted on surprisingly delicious store-bought Xmas cake


drank festive beverages – chilli berry boom tea + soda water


fed heather’s lovely very elderly kitty


feasted on BBQ lamb leg and fatoush (10/10 – possibly the best Xmas dinner we’ve ever had)


framed photos for hanging later in the week


whipped up a couple of berry cakes


admired our Xmas decorations

Also completed were a bunch of household chores, book reading, reviewing new music and generally pottering.

(I really do need to start busting out the proper camera, rather than the phone).

If this is what retirement is going to be like you can sign me up Right Now.


** Well, Joan was in an exotic locale (Venice), Joe/Frank and Bessie were in the slightly less exotic suburbs with the other half of their family (though exotic in that they have a quite nice pool).

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