old lady week: day six

A couple of weeks ago I emailed Don and told him I was taking annual leave on my birthday to spend it rocking back and forth in the cupboard, bewailing my lost youth.

He countered with this:

i am now in the system as best. wife. evar.

What an excellent husband.

I managed to score an appointment this afternoon and Holy!Goodness! How wonderful it was to be pampered for THREE HOURS!

just a quick bit of shopping before my appointment

And of course I was upsold on all manner of product. Afterward Don advised that I was full of glowing and that I looked quite a good deal younger.

Good thing I bought all of that stuff then!

I arrived home to:

traditional birthday carb meal

traditional birthday energy

Such a peaceful and lovely day. Interesting that as one becomes an Old Lady that the quiet, restful times and the simple treats are the most treasured.

Also, I have the smoothest skin in the history of mankind.

2 thoughts on “old lady week: day six

    • I can definitely get on board with this slip of a girl thing!

      The thing I like about this ageing caper is that I care less and less about what other people think and more about doing what I want and am interested in – it is very liberating.

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