old lady week: day five

I found this poor post sitting, unpublished, in my drafts folder. No idea why it didn’t post at the time, but I suspect my dodgy tablet is to blame. I wonder if it will publish to the correct date?

<edited to add> okay, so that correct date didn’t work. will see if I can fudge it.

<furtherly edited to add>Woo hoo! fudged!


The positive thing I did for myself today was escape for lunch with Heather.

We lunched at our favourite ramen place. We often tell ourselves we should expand our horizons, but all roads lead to here for our quiet celebrations.

We make a pretense of considering the menu, but we invariably get the same thing each time (tantanmen for him, karaage don for me). Back in the day we used to accompany our food with pints of kirin or sapporo, but I’ve been mad for the iced coffee for the last couple of years and would chose it over any alcohol.

Everyone at SML is at super-peak-max crazy at the moment (so much fighting, so much whinging) and it was excellent to get away and debrief. Our new overlord starts in just over a week and tension is high.

I have tomorrow off which will be absolutely glorious.

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