old lady week: day seven

two turtle doves … taunting the kitties with their nest building

Last day of old lady week! Though really, every week is old lady week from here on in.

The positive thing i did for myself today was sleeping in until 8:30am! This is a big three hours after my usual wake up time. Don was up early for golf and so took on the beast attending duties.

I really needed the sleep because I was awake for most of the night after I’d had a couple of glasses of birthday wine. Even a small amount of alcohol now leaves me wide-eyed for hours from around 2-3am. I was dithering about whether I should have a celebratory drink and should have gone with the instinct to not do so (but it’s my birthdaaaay). It is really not worth it. Must remember that!

Laying in bed snoozing felt very indulgent. I was a bit “I’m wasting the day…”, but then I decided to be indulge my inner sloth and lay about reading after I went out for a quick 3km run.

Probably should get my head out of the space-kindle and on to actioning some items tomorrow.

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