well, that went all to quickly

flying digger

I got out for a 4km run this morning (best time for that distance – woo!) which was kind of exhausting. I’m really pleased I entered that fun run as it seems to have had the intended effect – I’m way keen to get out there and challenge myself and not just plod along doing the same safe distance in the same time.


I’m also getting a jump on item 6 on my 50before50 list: do 100 push ups in a row. I started this last week and am increasing by one a day.

I can only manage push-ups on knees at the moment, but given I have 729 days up my sleeve, I’m quite hopeful I’ll be able to transition to my feet.


After the run we actioned a bunch of items (so. much. ironing. | so. much. cleaning.) and are thankfully all caught up on the majority of the hauswerk. Hopefully this means that we’ll have time for projects (or, more likely, slothful reading) during the week.

On project I did get onto was completing my grown-up baby hat!

very bad photo

To be fair there were only two a couple of stitches remaining and I’d been dithering about finishing.

It fits perfectly and I think suits my haircut, at the very least it does not look ridiculous. I think I preferred the wrong cable pattern. There was no hope of unravelling and adjusting, so I’m keen to try that pattern on another hat. I’ve never knitted with such unprocessed and “sticky” wool – it was incredibly unforgiving, but I suspect will be incredibly warm. I have a little left to make up into some sort of coaster or cosy.

BabyHat now needs blocking – where it could all go downhill, fast.

Must get my hands on some non-sticky wool of a similar weight.

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