now more than ever

Today at lunch I visited an ATM and wandered off without taking my cash with me.

I realised what I’d done about 10 minutes later, went back and of course the cash was not in evidence. It is a fairly heavily trafficked area, so this was not unexpected.

This is the first time I’ve done anything remotely like this and it’s pretty disconcerting.

Afterward I called the bank because apparently the cash is sucked back into the machine if untouched for x period of time. If this did happen, the amount should magic itself back into my account by morning – but I’m not holding out the slightest hope of that!

I’m now considering this as a $60 fee for a quite big lesson in being more present (per my 2019 intentions).

Also, what the hell? Is this an old age thing? Maybe it really is a medical condition!

(and then I forget to hit “publish”)

2 thoughts on “now more than ever

  1. I did this too a few years ago and the money did magically re-appear in my account but about four years later following an audit by the bank. I think it’s good though to consider it an expensive lesson in being more attentive.

  2. This is interesting to know – though I’m fairly convinced it ended up in someone’s pocket.

    I keep reminding myself of the $60 pay-attention-fee as I go through my daily activities! I need some sort of tattoo on my hand, but I’d likely forget what that was for.

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