2021 not-resolutions: bessie (012/2021)

For the 11th year running, the family not-resolutions! At the beginning of each year, I coerce everyone into nominating 5 things they’d possibly, maybe like to accomplish in the coming year – no pressure. Some of the family are ever-so-slightly more willing to participate in this than others, but we get there in the end.

First, as is traditional, the review of last year’s not-resolutions. I’m quite confident in saying when we all initially set these, we had absolutely no idea what was ahead of us and there was not a great deal of achieving happening

Review of 2020

1. Draw something new every fortnight

2. Read a new library book once a month
NOT ACHIEVED! Libraries closed – covid

3. Go on at least one holiday
NOT ACHIEVED! Holidays not happening – covid

4. Do more markets
NOT ACHIEVED! Markets not happening – covid

5. Try a new dinner every fortnight
NOT ACHIEVED! Started strong, became less enthusiastic / motivated.

And for 2021
1. Complete a difficult bake (i.e. trifle)
2. Take better care of my skin, teeth, and hair
3. Every 2 months do something I find challenging (cooking, creative, problem solving)
4. Once a month do something creative that isn’t related to work
5. Journal once a week


Bessie’s previous not-resolutions:

2 thoughts on “2021 not-resolutions: bessie (012/2021)

    • That’s so nice! Thank you!

      It’s slightly surprising that we’ve managed to keep this going for 11 years. Not surprisingly this year has been definitely the most challenging for everyone to muster enthusiasm for. Also probably a reflection of my challenge to muster enthusiasm for blogging!

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