Each (early) morning after feeding the cats and making coffee, I generally laze in bed scrolling through my phone while waiting for the coffee to brew – and scrolling through my phone after the coffee has brewed while drinking the coffee. Not a great use of almost-an-hour to be honest and I’m considering options for something a bit less slave-to-technology.

But I digress.

This morning I ran across an interesting piece in my feed reader about Dove introducing refillable stainless steel deodorant cases as part of a strategy to reduce single-use plastic**.

Which – great! It’s really pleasing to see companies finally starting to take some accountability for what they’re producing, rather than just foisting all responsibility (and guilt, so much guilt) onto the consumer.

This though …

A comparison that we’ve been making is if as a kid, you get a Swiss Army knife from your dad or granddad, and it becomes scratched, those scratches are yours—it makes you attachment to that object even more personal than when it was when you just got it and it was new.

Call me cynical, but possibly a bit of a stretch?

“And this is my great grandfather’s toothbrush, and this is my grandmother’s deodorant case …”


** Obviously this is not coming to me any time soon, because we generally lag about 7 years behind the rest of the world for … pretty much everything.

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