2017 not-resolutions: don

And after that brief interlude, after only the tiniest smidge of nagging, my lovely husband’s not resolutions.

Comments are mine.

2016 review:
1. Get Handicap to 16 or under and keep it there for at least 6 months
ACHIEVED Yes, I am what you would officially term a golf widow.

2. Eat more veg
NOT ACHIEVED We tried, we did not sustain it. We’re having more salad on the regular – it’s just that it is really boring salad with like, three ingredients.

3. Complete the implementation of the workplace wiki (carried over from last year)
NOT ACHIEVED this was one of those projects that seem to exist in all organisations: it is inadequately resourced, so it is never completed because BAU (naturally) always takes priority.

4. Keep on track with the mortgage reduction plan
ACHIEVED Yay! for sticking to a plan!

5. Regular dates and outings with baby
PARTIALLY ACHIEVED Mostly. Could do better. We occasionally get distracted by other things.

1. Get GA Handicap down to 10 or lower
2. Learn map and compass land navigation
3. At least two rides and/or hikes per month

Don says that these three are so huge in their scope that he couldn’t possibly come up with five.


(Okay, maybe he can handle only three – he starts an amazing new job in February, with that and attempting to get the handicap down to 10, he’ll have rather a bit on his plate).


Previous years:

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