“the common zeitgeist of humanity” **

As I noted in the comments on the last post, I’m rarely plugged into the zeitgeist.

But recently, the were two instances on the InformationSuperHighway where I found I’m ever so slightly in touch with … something.

First was this guardian article about a dude whose wife set him 50 mini-challenges for his 50th birthday, which are detailed in this excellent blog.

Similar, but much superior to my languishing 50 before 50 project!


Next was this conceptual kitty haus featured on hauspanther which was also rather similar, but superior, to my own failed attempts:

excellent kitty haus

previous carolbaby attempts at kitty furniture 1

previous carolbaby attempts at kitty furniture 2


And yesterday In Real Life at SML’s 70s themed Xmas Party – when I unfortunately turned up in exactly the same white jumpsuit as a quite new girl in the comms team. Clearly this is what happens when you buy clothes from the same cheap online fashion purveyor as everyone else – something I generally try to avoid.

Comms girl, let’s call her MarmaladePumpkin, is in her late-20s, bright orange skin1, litres of black liquid eye-liner, “I’m all that” attitude and has already been quite aggressively pursuing several male colleagues. According to the parade of people who felt compelled to tell me, she apparently spent the entire party giving me death stares. Given that she and I have had no interactions, we could only conclude that she (really rather irrationally) took issue with my outfit. How funny. Really, while I totes rocked that jumpsuit I’m absolutely no competition. But clearly I’m the superior one here because, while often marginally unhinged, I’m not so batshitcrazy as to spend four hours with arms folded, glowering at someone because she wore the same clothes.

** oh community radio, never change!
2not orangeist

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