didn’t see that coming

Tomorrow I will see TEN YEARS of enslavement at SML. Holy!Goodness!

Four days in I was wondering what the hell I was doing there and not much has changed – I pretty much still ask myself that several times a day.

A couple of weeks ago when a group of long term employees were searching through hard-copy photos to use for a significant SML anniversary celebrations and I came across this photo of my very first Christmas Party (four days after I started).

I had not seen it before, but truly, it is the best photo ever:

I look so impossibly young! Did my hair really look this good?

Every other photo of me at this event has me looking completely cheerful, this is gloriously unguarded and speaks completely to my feelings and if I ever wonder where Joan gets her “Joan” expression of utter contempt and judgement, I need look no further than this.

But to be honest, despite quite often extreme dysfunction and insanity, SML has been pretty good to me, I’ve developed some m4d sk1llz, my talents have been recognised and efforts rewarded and I found a pretty gosh-darned excellent husband.

And in 11 hours, I’ll have EIGHT WEEKS long service leave at my disposal. Woo!

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