first of winter

I’ve not been sleeping terribly well over the past couple of nights and have woken up each morning with a rotten headache. All this despite taking a break from alcohol. I suspected that maybe it was late afternoon coffees, but I had the same issue this morning and my latest coffee yesterday was at about 10:30am.

Just about everyone I know has been struck down by a particularly nasty cold in the last month, and I have been quietly gloating about how I’ve managed to avoid it … of course I’ve now realised that this is what the bad sleeping and headaches (and according to Don, my snoring) were leading up to.


I blame catching the train home on Friday evening – this happens almost every time there is some sort of illness going around, I am invariably unscathed until I am forced into close quarters with people outside my regular bubble.

I may be forced to spend tomorrow at home in bed – gosh, what a real tragedy that would be.


We’ve now been in ThePalace(OfLove) for just over 2 years. I can’t believe it either.

I think we’re still learning how to live here, I am at least. Everyone has a little land of their own to retreat to. Well, everyone except me. Originally we had thought that I would use the 3rd bedroom when Bess was not about and this worked a reasonably well. But now that Bessie is at Uni, she’s here much more frequently, which we adore – but it seems rather mean to intrude on her space.

I really enjoyed retreating to the bedroom with my laptop on Wednesday evening, so I’m planning to carve myself out a little nest on the top landing – which is mostly used to dry washing.

It’s a lovely sunny spot and has a nice aspect. Well, not so lovely right now as it looks out on the Failed Mint Experiment. Already there is a wee (cast-off from Joan) table in place, but just one thing is lacking: power-points. This is because our landings were originally more like bridges with light-wells which have been filled-in.

There are a number of small electrical jobs we need attended to, so this is just the excuse we need to get on it.


Yesterday when I was feeling much better, I had my usual row/run at the gym which went quite well. It was going so well I tried a 2min sprint and was rewarded with … knee (more accurately, top-of-fibula) pain. This is quite interesting as the slow runs don’t result in pain at all.

While I was running along, a noticed that someone had left their fitness assessment appointment card in the drinks holder, this prompted me to book my own assessment – which is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. They’ll do me a programme as well – which is just what I need, this excellent person and the physio have suggested I need to strengthen in order to stop with the runnning injuries, and of course they are right.

Hopefully the cold will be done with by then, I’m not keen to postpone. Though I probably should post-pone my dental hygiene appointment on Wednesday!


I also made a prototype hidey-hole for the kitties. Being tired of making actual things they never use (though BabyKitty has a good scratch and climbs to the top of the Giant Kitty Pole every morning before she tries to eat my head), it’s all cardboard all the time.

They’ve shown some interest.

But perhaps not quite enough to bust out the tools.


The alcohol break has been wildly successful. The mood has improved quite a good deal and I’m much less sluggish – both physically and mentally.

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