queen of the road

Today is rather a big day for both Joan and Don.

Don is giving Joan her first driving lesson! Joan has never been in control of a vehicle before and Don has never instructed anyone in the driving arts.

We’re all rather late adopters when it comes to driving, except Don (who had driving lessons as part of the high school curriculum! and was driving as soon as he was legal). Most of Joan’s school friends are still not licensed, which I think comes of being Inner City kids who have loads of transport options available and the luxury of reasonably cheap cab fares. Now that Joan is all shacked up with Ajax and they’re all ensconced in domestic bliss, there are the requisite and pretty much constant trips to the supermarket and hardware store and, of course, ikea – and weekend road trips to luxury b&bs.


Later … they found a quiet industrial estate and drove around and around and around. Don praised Joan’s driving, Joan praised Don’s teaching. Panzo is really too big and has too many features to be a good car to learn in (reversing camera, push button start, front and rear sensors, foot-operated parking break, &etc), what she really needs is to get her hands on a cheap, older, tiny car so she can get a sense of herself and the road in it.

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