just what happened to january?

I’m delighted to advise that getting the distance up with running is working nicely – I ran 12.5km on Saturday morning, which was I thrilled with. It did leave the remainder of the day a write-off (mostly mentally) and I rather expect this to continue as I push it, which kind of means cramming the weekend into one day – urk.

At this point I’m trying to get in three short runs (of about 3-5km, mostly 3km because I am reluctant to get out of bed) on weekday mornings, a long run on Saturday and a 5-6km run on Sunday. I really need to get onto some sort of core-strengthening activity to rid myself of the abs of jelly.

Bits crossed for continued success!


When my brain recovered, Don and I constructed a Giant Kitty scratcher. It is roughly 150cm tall and made from a $2 cardboard tube from Reverse Garbage, a carpet tile, base from side of road, $19 chair leg and $36 of rope (though we have a fair bit left over). Given that our current small scratchers were about $50, this is a fabulous bargain.

Both kitties were a little hesitant at first, but now are having an excellent time climbing up it and falling off.


It has now been one month since I have worn makeup to work – what with the broken face (now a good deal better) and the silicon patch and all. Though of course I do my eyes with liner + mascara. This is such a radical departure for me, I cannot even say. I do quite dig it though, so very much less hassle and mess, and I am fortunate that I have relatively clear and bright skin for an old lady. I may well continue this paintless lifestyle after the patch is no longer required.


SML has been a hot-bed of ghastliness and poison of late. I’ve been spending a good deal of time curled up in a mental ball and avoiding thinking. I really do need to update that CV.

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