15.2km today! It was long, slow and hard, particularly after the 11km mark with a sore(ish) ITB. And hot – yuck! 25oC by the time I finished.

I was excited to think it was my longest distance, but the Device tells me I ran 15.4km on 6 August – ACK! if I’d remembered that, I could have run to the corner and back! Well, next weekend for sure.

This makes me think I might actually be able to give the smh half marathon (in 98 days | 15 hours) a crack this year. I find a relatively flat 21km a good deal more palatable than the extraordinarily hilly 14km city2surf.

I’m thinking I’m going to sit on 15-16km for the next few weeks and see if I can improve the time a little. I need to plan some new routes for a little variety, though mostly the last bits pass in a blur. I’ll make the decision at the end of February, because at this stage I’m only 2min under the 15km cut off time.

As ever – brain has been a little broken with all the effort.

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