I did the sensible thing and worked from home on Monday – which meant being snuggled in bed with kitties and laptop and dealing with the endless, endless barrage of emails. It was truly glorious!

Felt completely wretched once at SML on Tuesday morning, but improved reasonably quickly over the following days and managed to make it to the fitness assessment on Thursday afternoon – this required me to duck out a little early, also quite glorious!

Lots of measuring and weighing and talking about my fitness goals, which are essentially to increase my overall fitness and strength and stamina for running, but also just to kick-start me back into exercise. I did a step test and performed surprisingly well – apparently fitness-base is pretty good. I really liked the trainer – pretty chilled, no-nonsense sort of dude, so asked about personal training, whereupon he showed me the secret personal training floor, with giant tyres and ropes and boxing gloves – cool. The rates are reasonable and I’m really looking forward to getting a real push.

I have my first session tomorrow at 10am. Will report back.

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