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So I rocked up to the gym this morning for my first personal training session and … wow!

For an hour I was boxing, I was flipping giant tyres, I was carrying heavy things a long way, I was kicking things, I was running up and down stairs, I was using huge ropes to drag heavy things, I was using a sledgehammer.

It was so very, very hard and there were a couple of things which had to be modified. Several (okay, many) times I thought I would surely faint or hurl or die, but it was so fantastic! I loved it – so much more fun than the gym machines.

The FatController (geddit?) was very pleased with me – apparently the modifications didn’t matter, the most important thing was that I didn’t give up. Well, of course not!

I have a bit of lower pain (totally my own fault) and I am really going to feel it tomorrow and Tuesday. I’ve had a (most excellent) bath to try and mitigate the muscle pain and I will try a short run tomorrow (treadmill, of course) because, if I remember anything from my previous (quite gentle) trainer, it is to do cardio the day after a weights session – something to do with build up of lactic acid and being less ouchy.

This is possibly the best thing I could do for myself right now. I’ve signed up for 10 more sessions.

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