Fortunately I wasn’t quite so sore from personal training as I had anticipated, though what I was anticipating was not being able to walk for some days. I think the *relative* lack of soreness was in part due to my treadmill run on Monday – to my delight, I managed to run for an hour, with no knee pain.


On Sunday afternoon we made bacon, turkey and cider pie from the excellent Bay Books: Pies – sweet + savoury [ISBN: 9781921259951] (p.16). No pix, but it was wonderful.

I stepped out of the pastry comfort zone and used lard (as opposed to butter).

What a revelation! Amazingly yummy. Will be revisiting!


I’ve been lost in a vortex of frugal/early retirement blogs/forums for the past couple of weeks. I’m better now.

Sadly, the only WackyFrugalTip I came away with was to not shower daily – saves water & electricity/gas! I think I can say with some confidence that is one tip I’ll not be adopting.


wcoic 2014 starts tomorrow!

We’ve eased off on the rules somewhat (we can eat out, we can use not-new-to-us recipes) and picked all the easy countries in the first week.

It’s been a tough week.

Fortunately I’m escaping for another weekend to Melbourne with my lovely husband in the not too distant future.

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