wcoic 2014 : day one : brazil

Originally we’d planned to go out for churrasco to kick off wcoic, but at the last minute figured that we should save that sort of thing for the finals. This was fortunate because I was stuck at SML much later than I had wanted to be (don’t even get me started) and Bessie and Don had to pick up the slack.

vatapa (prawn curry): sbs food

Chosen by: me!

Timing was pretty true to the recipe. We cut down the number of prawns (1.5kg of prawns amongst 4 people is insane) and really we should have halved the actual sauce because there was way too much left-over and it really would not have backed-up at all well.

Don adored it, I found the texture a little dense, Joe/Frank thought it needed a little oomph, Bessie liked it. I’d describe the flavour as sort of thickish, satayish, laksaish.

Don: 4.5 kitties

Joe/Frank: 3.5 kitties

Bessie: 3.5 kitties

Me: 3.5 kitties

A great start! Definitely one to try again.

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