wcoic 2014 : day two : australia

Day 2 and there was nothing for it but to chow down on our national symbol. Plus, we’re unlikely to progress to the next round, so we needed to get in while we could!

Kangaroo steak, sauteed onion + mushroom, thrice-cooked chips

Chosen by: Joe/Frank

Totes Oz.

Kangaroo is so cheap! $10 for 3 steaks which easily fed the four of us. Wasn’t as gamey as I would have liked, but still yum. Everyone was a fan of the mushrooms and onion and the chips were MAGNIFICENT!

Don: 3.5 kitties

Joe/Frank: 4.5 kitties

Bessie: 3.5 kitties

Me: 3.5 kitties

Must get more kangaroo in our lives.

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