ginger and lemon

Took the renovated water bottle out with me on Sunday morning for a 6km run (wearing my boy pants) and it worked quite well!

I tried a new route west through Lewisham and Dulwich Hill, rather than my usual easterly trek. I must do more of this as there was loads of new stuff to look at as I shuffled past.

The weather was extremely pleasant (cloudy and cool) and it was all rather lovely – I quite look forward to running in the autumn.

Must acquire more boy pants with Giant pockets.


Don had an exceptionally productive long weekend – bottling bears, crafting a new batch of bears and one of cider (with Joe/Frank) and smoked some bacon.

Me, rather less so, though I did complete my plastic surgery hat and recommenced the grey brooklyn tweed hat and am about half-way along. I pottered a good deal, accomplishing not a lot.

We also erected a barrier to keep a certain BabyKitty from excursions to the neighbour’s balcony (this is the second-floor balcony, not the fourth floor from which she previously ventured. Black plastic mesh and black cable ties – a pretty elegantly inexpensive solution which blends quite well.

For a creature so uncoordinated, she’s quite the daredevil, so we’re fairly confident she’ll breach the fortifications at some point.


One thing I did achieve on the long weekend was too drink rather a little bit more than I’d like, so I’m back on the sobriety train for the next little bit.

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