plant watch: day 21

You might recall our little experiment where we were attempting to discover if plants could survive in the desert-like conditions of the front porch as a stinky-bin-in-full-sun mitigation strategy.

Three weeks on:

Despite Don’s claims that experiments are not competitions, I’m totally winning!

Meanwhile, I have landed on an interim anti-stinky solution – charcoal bbq bricks in a mesh oranges bag:

We fling it over the inside of the bin and surprisingly (or not – given that charcoal is supposed to absorb smells) it lessens the ghastliness quite a bit.


In other news, school starts back next week – and for the first time in twenty one years, I will not have to purchase school supplies / stationery.

Welcome to the third age, old lady!

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2 Responses to plant watch: day 21

  1. nancyblackett says:

    Me too on the no-need to splash out cash at Officeworks! I am kind of liking it. Brilliant idea on the charcoal. Of course, it would help if I hosed out my disgusting bin.


    • carolbaby says:

      Really, the only sensible thing to do is get myself a treat with the savings!

      I feel like the ghastly stench has permeated the plastic – even with hosing, bleach, disinfectant, swishing with boiling water and a bin-liner, it still smells often quite wretched.


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