clawing slowly back

I don’t usually take water out running with me, but on anything longer than 5km I really find that, especially in summer, I need to have a wee sip or tip some over my face and arms. Unfortunately there is a dearth of bubblers and taps on the regular routes and carrying a big bottle or wearing a belt is just annoying and distracting. So I was really excited to find this collapsible water bottle at kathmandu yesterday for $5!!

I took the bottle out with me this morning and unfortunately was forced to carry it. As an aside, what is it with no decent pockets in running pants for women? I recently inadvertently bought a pair of men’s compression-style shorts and they have tons of very good pockets built in (sadly, was not wearing those – they’re a bit too tight what with the residual Xmas chubb).

Anyway, I was extremely disappointed to find the bottle was absolute crap – leaked all over the place (even with minimal filling) and the edges were quite sharp and ouchy. I was planning to toss it, but in the midst of writing this was inspired to experiment with a different lid to the one provided … no leaks, so maybe I’ll give it another bash tomorrow.

But in excellent news, I ran 10km! Woo!

12th longest distance ever. I am VERY pleased about this. Finally, I might be getting back to where I was 6 months ago – the tricky bit will be to keep improving.

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