assisted by bt (feat. m doughty) … right on

Recent running snaps from the excellent SpyCam.

In other running news, I could not run last or this evening because of Reasons, so I did a quick 3km before work. I decided to run a fast(ish) first km – even with hill – and was pretty chuffed to get a 5:33 – by far my fastest km ever. Scary to think that people regularly run entire half-marathons at that pace. My chubby wee arms definitely felt it for a long while afterward – I Adore sore muscles (no, really).

On to the pix:

new friend!

i just want to celebrate

castle of mystery

footpath writings of mystery

nail your shoes to the pole … of mystery

surplus to requirements

olympic rings

i do love these ye olde street names embedded into the sidewalk

a buff alice cooper on the side of a supplements store!

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