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Despite my almost constant whinging, I do utterly adore my job, it’s just SML that is a hotbed of dysfunction and misery and makes for a sometimes bleak 8+ hours per day. So it was with some concern that our in-8-days-CEO, Dr12, is beginning to make his presence felt and beginning to express Opinions. At first, we were all quite excited about the transition mainly because Dr12 is the complete antithesis of KingLear who is incredibly decision averse and we thought things might Happen, but a recent development gives me pause.

As a poorly thought out analogy, imagine that I am a translator and I translate Ancient Sumerian for a non-Ancient-Sumerian speaking/reading audience. I translate beautifully and with flair and one of my big achievements this financial year has been to prepare a dazzling ongoing translation document, the likes of which SML has not seen – and which has been incredibly well received by all and sundry.

Now imagine that Dr12 has decided that translation is pointless and unnecessary, that really what is needed is a metre high stack of cuneiform tablets circulated monthly to each stakeholder and that those who are not completely literate in Ancient Sumerian should be sacked.

I’m now feeling rather surplus to requirements, so maybe I can score that very, very lucrative redundacy I so long for! All bits crossed.

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