Yesterday we made progress on two of the most important 2014 projects – we went for a quick lunch date (project: romance) and we booked a wee trip (project: micro-travel).

We’re attempting to transition to fortnightly grocery shopping this year because weekly visits to the supermarket are a bit tiresome, but this requires an off-week trip to top-up some perishable items. We walked down to the supermarket to grab some lemons + asparagus (and a couple of things we’d run out of), and on the way spontaneously decided to stop off for lunch. It rather nice, local cheap italian: lunch special = pasta + salad + glass of wine for two = $30. While we have definitely had better italian, it was excellent value for what it was and nice to just sit about.

And we’re going to Hobart for a long weekend in a couple of months! Neither of us have been to Tasmania before and we’re really looking forward to it, especially for the food and wine and to visit MONA, which by all accounts is amazing.

Don’s seemingly constant trips to Melbourne have finally paid off, because the airfares were paid for entirely with frequent flyer points – score!

We realised today that we have not been away just the two of us for almost 4.5 years (if you don’t count camping – though even our last camping trip was just under 2 years ago). Definitely time for a break!!


My run was 5km this morning, which I am hoping to make the standard distance. Despite being the same temperature (around 23oC), the whole thing was so much harder than yesterday – slightly more hilly route, which should not have made that much difference. It was only when I arrived home that I discovered the humidity was 85% (about 10% higher than Saturday) – it was rather like running in soup.

I’d say roll on autumn, but I rather like arriving home while it is still light outside.

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