you did it

I was very keen to get out early this morning before it became too hot and see if I could push the running distance a little. I started out at 7.32 and already it was 23oC – urk! I really do not like summer running – nor does it particularly like me.

That said, I managed 8km!!!!

I had not intended to go quite so far, but I mis-remembered the length of my route and was so close to 7 by the end that I kept going and then it was 8 before I knew it (the powers of my ipod shuffle and a shady street). I actually probably could have squeezed out another km, but I figured that would be ridiculous and I would run the risk of injury – which would set me way back … again.

I have not run so far since July!! The only ill-effects are that I am now ever-so-slightly (okay, massively) sleepy.

Don has started back to beginning running too, he’s not a fan, but it is a quick and efficient way to get some cardio in. We’ve abandoned running together – mainly because we run at such different paces and very different distances. I’m very, very slow and have quite short little legs, he lopes along like a gazelle and has such long legs that he might as well be walking when he’s at my granny pace!

I’ve been trying to get in a couple of quick runs after a day of slavery at SML, but the temps have been pretty ghastly and it has been unpleasant. I may have to return to mornings.

My super-secret goal is to run half marathon distance this year, not perhaps to actually go in one – but just to get that far would be amazing.

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