project 2014: foodz – 2/26

In our haste to leave ThePalace(OfLove) this morning, we forgot to agree on dinner and failed to extract anything from the freezer. Ack!

Though it was not on the meal plan, I’d been wanting to make shakshuka for a while and we had most of the ingredients on hand. So after a short run about the ‘ham, we gave it a bash. We omitted the caraway seeds because we didn’t have any on hand and used spinach and chilli from the garden – exciting!

Unfortunately I am often quite terrible at cooking eggs and Donaldo ended up with rather overcooked ones, Joe/Frank’s was only marginally better. I, who the perfectly runny egg utterly ADORED it.

REALLY inexpensive and quite quick to prepare. We’ll definitely repeat, but adhere to the lower-bound on the timing of the eggs.

Carol: 4 kitties

Don: 3 kitties

Joe/Frank: 3.5 kitties

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