Last week I decided that this weekend would be the last hurrah of indulgence before I fully jumped back on the sensible train. I’ve been enjoying a few wines here and there of an evening and that, combined with the lack of exercise from the broken face, mean that I’ve put on a couple of kgs in the past month – do no want!

Despite not being sensible in any other areas (wine + study for example), I really wanted to try to sensibly increase some running distance this weekend. I’ve been hovering around 3km, but would love to get back up to 5km as my standard weekday run. It was forecast to be quite hot, so I wanted to get out early. It was still pretty hot (about 23oC) at 7:51am but I managed a Very Slow 5.32km. Woo!

It was 23oC again this morning (at 8.29am) and went out intending to do 3km, but felt good enough to push another 5.25km (different route to yesterday) and was rewarded with treasure!

blaxploitation films

It is very good to know that I can still do this distance. Encouraging too that I could do it when it is hot – because I run much, much better when it is < 20oC.


Don is in the process of making his first wheat bear as brew batch number 6. The kitchen now often resembles a science! lab.

I take full credit for leading him to the lab supplies – which incidentally are FABULOUS for measuring when cooking.

So far the home brew has been really very good, much better than we imagined. Though it is questionable if it is actually less expensive, he’s having loads of fun with it – which was the point of the exercise.


It is my third day of silicon tape and I am shocked at the difference to the scar already. It is noticeably lighter and less bubbly. I should definitely have taken “before” photos.

The other unexpected bonus is that it forms a chunky barrier between my nose and glasses. So I can now read and wear sunnies with minimal pain!

Still have a fair amount of nose pain on occasion, though nowhere near the agony of when I broke it, particularly when I accidentally touch it. It is going to take a good while to repair itself, so patience is required.

In excellent news, I am much less dizzy – which fits the time frame for inner ear infection and was possibly why I fell down in the first place.

2 thoughts on “turtle

  1. Glad you are on the mend and getting out running again. I have developed a sore foot which is stopping me do almost anything.

    Your science equipment must be very good if Don is making a bear 😉

    • Weird. I have no idea how this ended up in the moderation queue.

      I sympathise about the foot. This running caper can be really rather frustrating, I feel like I spend more time battling illness, injury and weather than I do actual running.

      You would be amazed at what you can do with a couple of beakers & some yeast. Am totally referring to it as making bears henceforth.

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