what’s on your face?!?

Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment at the plastic surgery clinic. My appointment was scheduled some time between 9am and 11am (basically a kind of cattle call).

At the very last minute, before heading out, I spontaneously grabbed a ball of (very cheap and nasty) wool which had been kicking around for an age (long before I vowed to only buy decent yarn), a circular needle and the wiksten jul hat pattern. I’m very pleased that I did, because the wait was quite lengthy:

Unfortunately I grabbed the wrong sized needle, so I am going to need to free-style the remainder. I am now contemplating keeping a small knitting project (probably a hat) in my bag for such occasions – it was very meditative, much better than mindlessly scrolling on my phone. Though I did combine the knitting and the scrolling, reading the archives of the inspirational runs for cookies blog while k2-p2-ing.

I finally got out of there at 12pm. I estimate that I was with the plastic surgeon for less than 7 minutes. Ah! public health system.

Still I will not complain, because all of this (emergency visit, xray, ct scan, blood tests, 2 visits to plastic surgeon) cost me not a cent, nothing. All covered by the small levy we all pay as part of our income tax. Yay! public health system!

The good news is that it is all good. PlasticSurgeon was pleased with the nez position now the swelling has largely reduced – you still definitely can notice the difference if you look for it, but I am fairly comfortable with how it looks.

PlasticSurgeon advised me to use silicon tape on the scar between my eyes as a scar-minimisation strategy. No, I hadn’t heard of it either. The tape stays on for 3-4 months (though I must remove it and wash it regularly and it will still remain adhesive – science!). This should result in very reduced scarring. It is quite a big wound, so any reduction will be a plus.

I know this is kind of repetitive, but I am so thankful this was not a whole lot worse – particularly when I think of how hard I must have hit.

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