and i cleaned out my desk too

Being back at SML is physically difficult – am not coping well with the airconditioned environment (amusing because I spent so much of the break with our aircon on) and wearing my glasses makes me feel like I’ve been whacked in the face … oh wait.

I’ve been managing by taking very long lunches and wandering about the shops. So far have mostly managed to adhere to the frugality project – though I did buy a couple of fabulous japanese notebooks and some 8gb USB sticks (for $4.97 each?!!?). I’ve also managed to not buy three dresses, 6 placemats, 2 pairs of running shorts, loads of 10 + 4ply yarn, many metres of sisal rope, many packs of greeting cards, a 2014 diary and a wee calculator to clip to my notebook.

The total spend on lunchtime trinkets has been way under $50 and it is so rare that I actually take a lunch break that I think these little indulgences are totally worth it for the mental health benefits (rationalise, rationalise).

I’m also trying to savour the quiet week before Mr T returns and launches his particular brand of crazy on me.


A couple of recent shots from the SpyCam. I seriously adore this tiny thing – perfect to shove in the pocket when running.

there was a time when I would have pillaged this for parts

round red concrete thingies

trolley in the aftermath of New Year


there’s a reason our council rates are not as high as those in the cbd

Think I need to change my route so I can find more new things

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