Sadly it was back to SML today after 3 weeks of bliss.

Yes, even a broken face is bliss compared to the daily grind. Well, not really, but the first day back is always dreadful. Oh! to be one of those rare people who loves their job. Actually I completely and utterly adore my job (no, really for realz) it is just SML that I don’t love.

Today I:

  • spent a not insignificant amount of time responding to questions from various peeps about my injury / recovery, it probably would have been more time-efficient to call a meeting and outline it there.
  • dug out my CV from 2007 from when I head-hunted (what would life be like now if I had gone down that path?). I have a fair bit of updating to do!
  • wrote two very long overdue personal emails to Dishy(ex)Boss and Harriet
  • tried to (unsuccessfully) track-down a job description from my last role
  • acquired small quirky Xmas gifts for team, intending to pull a “I’m so sorry, I left them at home yesterday” tomorrow
  • became Very Tired and Dizzy
  • sorted my inbox
  • wrote a “to do” list
  • did some work
  • delighted in the fact that Mr T is on hols for another week

Only 247 more working days until the end of the year! I really think that some clever printing company could make a tidy sum by making tear-off sheets of sequential numbers to, say, put on a wall. Tearing-off numbers (or crossing them out) is so gratifying. Perhaps such a thing already exists? Must make a note to search.


I found these really good blog posts about procrastination via the ever-useful metafilter.

It is me in a nutshell I am afraid. Well, for some activities (like assessments / painting / anything I am not completely comfortable with) – other activities I have laser-like focus. I’d just like to learn how to bring the laser to everything I do. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the suggestions terribly helpful because I can break down tasks into bite-sized pieces with the best of them, it is actioning the bites I have a problem with. Am considering hypnosis in a “I am not really considering hypnosis” way.


I completed the ripping back and re-knitting of the red cable hat, which is now blocking.

needs blocking

Not sure how I feel about it, was a very good cable intro, but I am kind of less than jazzed about garter stitch. May pull apart and try something else, we’ll see how it looks on Bessie.

I’ve just started the brooklyn tweed bray cap though I am still on the ribbing. This is a combo of cables and lace, so should keep me occupied for a wee while.

more challenging hat

I’m very intrigued by Ysolda’s choose your own adventure follow your arrow mystery knit-a-long, but sadly have no need for a shawl, nor do I know anyone who would want a shawl.


You might have noticed that I have done a little housekeeping on the header (now with cast of characters!) and sidebar (now with more abandoned blogs!). As an aside, I really wish I had not discarded that dress in the header photo because I thought I would never fit into it again.

I know I say it a lot, but people do really seem to have forsaken blogging. There are so many blogs out there – but which seem to exist for the sole purpose of monetising existence. I’d really love to find some old-school style bloggers.

Can you recommend some good blog reading to me?

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