project 2014: foodz – 1b/26

More fish! And two new recipes in a week! Go team!

Don and I have quite different approaches to trying new recipes, I’ll work within a reasonably tight framework, whereas he will freestyle quite a bit – which generally has excellent results, but can be a challenge to replicate.

Last night we had terikyaki salmon on the bbq with a cucumber salad and twice cooked hand-cut chips. Inspired by this bbq good food recipe, with teriyaki sauce loosely based on this one from the japanese food report.

The cucumber salad was per the bbc recipe, though we omitted the sesame seeds and subbed light brown soft unrefined cane sugar for the golden caster sugar – mostly because I have never seen golden caster sugar anywhere. This is a usual thing I’ve found with recipes from the UK – so many varieties of sugar that seem impossible to locate.

mmmm … chips. i really want one of those cunning crinkly cutters

i really need a better photo location

Overall pretty delish – possibly would have worked slightly better with rice, but hey, it was a bbq. We preferred the crusty fish from earlier in the week, but this could have been simply because they were cooked so close together.

Carol and Don

3.5 kitties


4 kitties

Will repeat!

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