I had a surprise call from Boudicca yesterday morning. Although we had caught up several times since she had left the Marie Celeste, we hadn’t spoken for a good many months. In the middle of the chit-chat and catching up, she essentially offered me a job.

So I updated my CV very quickly – a copy/paste update from the job spec and took off all but the past 10 years – and sent it off to her to give to her boss.

I had an interview with her and her boss this afternoon (which was essentially an informal chat). Interestingly her boss previously worked with Don and was his referee when he joined Marie Celeste (such is the incestuousness of the industry they are all in) and both Boudicca and Don were raving about how great this boss-dude is. I was all ready to hate on the role and just use the interview for some experience and to hear what it was all about. But when I was there I was really intrigued, this was something I really could be very interested in (at a very, very, very well regarded company, which would look dazzling on the CV) and be some really excellent experience.

Sadly, the only downside is that they can only pay my current salary.

I’m putting all this to my boss tomorrow and see if the Marie Celeste Powers That Be will come to the party salary-wise. I just received a stellar performance review (5 out of a possible 5 – hard to get) and I am her star employee (according to her). I want significantly more to stay (I had already asked for significantly more during my review). I’m still rather pissed off about the title issue (which I promised to blog about but never did). Essentially, I have been performing a role (which is not my title / job spec) for 12 months, my boss assured me I would be given the title at the end of the financial year, so I was happy to wait. A couple of months ago she told me that this wasn’t going to happen because The Powers That Be decided that I could not have it because I did not complete my degree (all those years ago) – even though I was out-performing people in the same role. She is still fighting that battle, so I’m not sure I’m too confident about the $$.

Everyone I have spoken to about it is like, “ohmigod, get the hell out”, but I am still in two minds. There’s nothing quite like a comfort zone!

We’ll see how this plays out. I need to decide tomorrow (lucky, I make the quick decisions!).

4 thoughts on “surprises

  1. Oh goodness! It must feel good to be sought out like that, but I completely understand the comfort zone thing. I wish you luck in making the decision right for you 🙂

  2. This whole obsession with academic degrees was a phase which I thought the Celeste had finished with.Heavens know in the past I’ve been in the godawful position of training people who were getting paid more than I.Good luck, hopefully you’ll get what you want 🙂Portly Geek

  3. Yes, it is indeed awesome to have my past slavery and m4d sk1llz being recognised.Hazel, I’ve given it a great deal of thought and think that I would stay at Celeste if the salaries were equal – maybe (oh, i am so very decisive!). The rate per hour would be a lot less at the potential new job – they work 10-12 hour days (and while those days sometimes exist at Celeste, my current boss lets me have the afternoon off to appear in a television commercial, or 3 hour lunches etc etc).

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