The cold is back AGAIN – argh! In addition I have monsterous cold sores on my top and bottom lips. I look totally and completely hot.

So I talked to my boss about the job offer and put my ambit salary claim to her – and she basically said, “I think we should be able to do that”. Bloody hell, there’s a quandry I didn’t expect to be in. She and the HR chicky have come up with a couple of proposals which they put to the GM. Unfortunately the GM is absolutely incapable of making any sort of decision quickly (she sits on purchase orders for weeks/months before signing them). She has passed on that she agrees “in principle” with the increase. To get her to agree “in principle” is a huge thing already. But just tell me already!

It is very rare that Marie Celeste counter-offers at all (they tried to with Don, but I can recall no-one else – Anonymous Portly Geek may be able to correct me here). So I feel all spesh and stuff.

But that means that I still don’t know what the hell I’m going to do.

There is a lot to stay for staying put – especially at significantly increased salary and realistically while the new job does sound exciting / interesting, there are some downsides – like the industry (which my feminist side doesn’t care for overly much), the much longer hours, the fashionistas …

In other news – I drove for the first time in 6 years! I was thoroughly shit on the first outing – particularly as the indicator thingy was on the wrong side of the steering wheel (every other car I have driven has had it on the right), so kept turning the wipers on when turning corners. The brakes are uber-sensitive, so we’d all get flung forward when stopping. However, after the long drive collecting the babies on Friday evening, I am back to my old fab-driving self and wonder how the hell either of us survived without one for all those years!

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