status quo

I’m staying.

They’ve given me mostly what I asked for – which is rather amazing – just have to nut out the details.

You may need to remind me that I actually chose to be at Marie Celeste (despite an actual alternative) when I start up the whingering.

3 thoughts on “status quo

  1. nah…whinge away, I’ll still listen…just because you know you’re on a good thing doesn’t mean the good thing isn’t bollocks every now and then.

  2. OMG that’s fantastic!Just shows it never hurts to ask. (Reminds me of the recent offer I was given of a couple of days off. I joked ‘not worth it. Give me a week off.’ Lo and behold they have)Portly Geek

  3. Very insightful, Thirdcat – I’m sure it will continue to suck (and if I stopped whinging about it I would completely run out of material).Thanks Anonymous Portly Geek. Things sure are achanging at Celeste (although nu-CEO did ask the boss could they not replace me with a grad – argh! she said no.)

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