This morning BabyKitty decided to embark on an adventure across the rooftops and into HipsterNeighbour’s haus (two doors down) via his bedroom. Being an Indoor Kitty and, let’s be honest, not the sharpest tool in the shed, she became frightened, evaded capture and mewed piteously atop a cupboard.

While all this was happening, Don and I were madly tearing ThePalace(OfLove) apart trying to locate her – never dreaming that she would have jumped up on the fourth floor balcony railing and scarpered off.

Thankfully Don walked out the front door to search for BabyKitty, when we accepted that was the only means of escape, at the same time HipsterNeighbour was coming in search of BabyKitty’s owner and rescue was affected.

No more unsupervised playing on the top balcony for this young lady.

BadKitty is unremorseful

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