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I’m definitely noticing an improvement in my running, I don’t require nearly such a long recovery time after my regular couple-of-times-a-week 5km and after the stellar 11.53km last Saturday and the failure of my phone last Sunday, I decided it was time to upgrade my equipment, austerity measures be damned.

First up was the garmin forerunner 10. ZOMG! So tiny! So lightweight! So completely amazing! (though it does take an age to find a satellite on occasion). I adore being able to plug in and have everything magically uploaded and my route mapped. I even ran twice in one day so I could gather more data.I am sure you will be thrilled to know there will be no more photographs of my phone screen now I have a place to track them.

While in Rebel I impulse-bought this sports bra for $25. Despite losing 11(ish) centimetres (4 inches) from my chest, I’m still, shall we say, quite well endowed and was experiencing some serious jiggle while running about. I’ve been wearing this over my normal sports-bra and under my singlet and it has drastically reduced the bounce.

Tuesday morning was quite rains-ish, but I was so motivated I went out anyway. My beloved running shoes were quite soaked by the time I returned and given that it was about the time for a new pair, I took the opportunity to grab beloved running shoes version 2 (of course, being Australia, I paid roughly double the price on the link).

And I dusted off Don’s ipod shuffle. At first it would not charge, but then the InformationSuperHighway told me to select “enable disk use” – and like magic, it was good to go.

Of course then I twisted my ankle (not exercise related) and could not run for a couple of days. This had a Really Adverse affect on my mental health.

The ankle felt a good deal improved this morning, so I waited for a break in the torrential rain and headed out for a quick 5km (no, I cannot quite believe I am talking of “quick 5kms” either, though in actuality, they are not so quick) … and got stuck in rain so heavy I could not see even 10 metres in front of myself. But it was fun and I feel loads more contented.

Really need to make a point of investigating those other exercise options this week, I’m thinking my planned 6 days per week of running is just asking for injury.

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