and long ago somebody left with the cup

One year ago today, I ran my last run before we moved to ThePalace(OfLove) – 4.18km at a blistering (for me) speed of 9.3km/h.

My route of choice back then was super-flat and it took a Very Long time after arriving in NewSuburb to get back to that distance – primarily because it is a good deal more hilly around here than one would imagine (plus I stopped the running for a long while, what with ill-health and inertia) and I have never seen that sort of speed again.

Today I intended to run only 5km because my ankle is still a wee bit tender, but it was such a beautiful day and I felt so good that I decided to push it a little and ended up running 14.32km!!!

I know! I am completely and utterly thrilled with myself. And I managed to knock over this goal while I was at it, albeit 10 months later than planned.

I know I was going to lay off the maps, but indulge me, it is quite interesting to compare then and now.

a year ago

now. the little pink dots mark the edges of the old route.

I might be slower, but I certainly have loads more stamina!

Now I know that I can make the City2Surf distance (such a relief!!), it is all about improving my pace and finding a very large hill to practice running up. I’d like to finish in less than 1:30:00, today was 1:46:49, so I am hopeful, but even if I don’t, Holy!Goodness! I can run over 14km!!!!

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