This afternoon, despite the somewhat inclement weather, I took the fabulous new shoes out for another run.

I consider this a bit of an achievement because, for one reason and another (namely forgettery), I had not eaten since my apple at breakfast and a couple of spoonsful of yoghurt when I arrived home. Yes, silly.

I ran the same route as last week (who wouldn’t? is lovely!) and used this nifty tool to tell me how far I had run.

After arriving home, collapsing and mapping out my route, I was at 1.5km, a mere 100m more than last time. And thought to myself, “holy!goodness! you really are challenged at gauging distance, that extra bit seemed rather more than 100m”.

And then of course I realised that, being accustomed to living in a world with non-archiac measuring methods, I had assumed the wee tool was measuring in kilometres, but of course the default was set to miles and with the click of a button, just like magic, I had run 2.445 km1!

This is infinitely more encouraging than I had previously thought. Perhaps in 6 months I can do the loop over the bridge (which would be 4.8km, but with a giant hill)!

1 And 2.25km last week

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